Past Exhibitions at Banfill-Locke


Shifting Proximity – works by Greg De Grace and Amy Tillotson
February 10 – March 3, 2018

Student Art Exhibition
January 13 – February 3, 2018


Transformative Sediment – works by Kristin Hoelscher-Schacker and Annie Hejny
November 4 to December 2, 2017

BLCA Annual Member Exhibition
October 7 – 28, 2017

texture/imperfectioin/life – works by Marjorie Fedyszyn, Mark Granlund, and Ellie Kingsbury
September 2 – 30, 2017

Collective Wisdom – works by BLCA Visual Arts Educators
July 29 – August 26 , 2017

Blurred Boundaries – works by Lyz Wendland and Jeannine Spooner Kitzhaber
June 24 – July 22, 2017

Heart of a Place – works by Susan Solomon and Laura Andrews
May 20-June 17, 2017

Charles Martin – Now and Then a 60 year retrospect in art
April 15-May 13, 2017

Minnesota Artists Association – 80th Spring Juried Exhibition
March 11-April 8,  2017

Student Art Exhibition
February 11 to March 4, 2017

Reaching Backward, Reaching Forward: Tracing Histories
New work by Kit Leffler and Monica Sheets
January 7 to February 4, 2017



Project Art for Nature
November 5 to 26, 2016

Banfill-Locke Member Exhibition
October 8 to 29, 2016

Materality: Inside/Out
Kit Eastman, Fern Keniston, Presley Martin, Alis Olsen, Teri Power, Jim Proctor

September 3 to October 1, 2016

Art of Darkness: Inspired by the Paranormal
July 30 to August 27, 2016

Gathering Water & Light
Photography by Jes Lee and Ellen Skoro
June 25 to July 23, 2016

ply (n) A layer, fold or thickness.

ply (v) To carry on, pursue, or work at
Work by BT Johnson, Amy Rice, Nathan Stromberg
May 21 to June 18, 2016

Artists Go Into the Woods
Artists del Norte Member Exhibition
April 19 to May 14, 2016

Dwellers on the Threshold
Judy Fawcett and Laurie Kigner
March 12 to April 9, 2016

2016 Student Art Show
February 13 to March 5, 2016
656 students from 18 local schools exhibited work in the galleries.

I Am Energy: Tat Tvam Asi
Kim Matthews and Mary Simon Casati

January 9 to February 6, 2016


The Trespasser’s Garden: Prints by Emily Gray Koehler
October 31 to November 28, 2015
The exhibition featured 28 prints, both woodcuts and collagraphs, alongside educational information. This work explores the introduction, ecology and environmental impact of invasive plants on our delicate ecosystems.

Annual Member Exhibition
October 3 to 24, 2015
67 member artists exhibited 149 works of art. The show was judged by Teresa Engeltjes, Director of the Circa Gallery.

Future Paths and A Reinvented Past: Keren Kroul and Susan Hensel
August 29 to September 26, 2015
Keren’s watercolors investigate line, shape, narrative, and abstraction, through repetition, layering, and juxtaposition of color and imagery. Susan’s A Reinvented Past is a series of drawings, mixed media pieces, and assemblages that together investigate the relationship of memory, nostalgia and story.

Pets on View! Featuring Melissa Black’s Petburbia
July 25 to August 22, 2015
Also showcasing the work of Rebecca Meszler, Catherine Vesley, Joyce VanderWyst, Elysia Springer, Elizabeth Geiger, Marion Robison, Jason Kuehn, and Kat Corrigan.

Guild of American Papercutters
June 20 to July 18, 2015

Artists and the Sea
Artists del Norte Annual Member Show
May 23 to June 13, 2015

Tornadoes: The Art of Remembering
Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Fridley Tornado
May 2 to May 16, 2015

Textural Forms: Michael Moore, Nora Moore, and Karen Searle
March 28 to April 25, 2015

Crossing Paths: Mary Lingen and Linda Deg Lee
February 28 to March 21, 2015

Student Art Show
February 7 to 21, 2015
633 local student artists from 19 schools exhibited work in the Banfill-Locke Galleries.

First Show
January 3 to 31, 2015
Featured the works of Bob Astrup, Sylvia Carsen, Layl McDill, Cynthia Waltho, Scott Spinks, and Elna Goodspeed, the award winners from the 2013 Member Show.


Elof Wedin: A Minnesota Modern
November 8 to 29, 2014
Showcased 25 works of art from the expansive career of this Swedish American painter.

BLCA Member Show juried by Nicole Watson of the Groveland Gallery
October 4 to November 1, 2014
145 works of art by 61 BLCA members.

Art of Darkness: Inspired by the Paranormal
August 30 to September 27
A first of its kind, this show included 115 works of art by 62 artists from 15 states, all focused on paranormal themes.

Small Moments, Big Spaces: Lisa Fratzke & Lindsy Halleckson
July 26 to August 23

Formations, Sediments, Cover-ups and Remnants: Work by Christopher E. Harrison and Daniel Kerkhoff
June 21 to July 19

Women’s Art Resources of MN (WARM) Member Exhibition: Small Works
May 17 to June 14
135 small works of art by eighty-one of their member artists made up a beautiful exhibition.

Artists del Norte Annual Member Show: Artists Out West
April 12 to May 10, 2014
Artists del Norte held their annual member show at Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts with the theme Artists Out West. Fifty works of art were in the show, which was judged by Molly Cronk.

Women Photographers/Visual Artists (WPVA)
March 8 to April 5, 2014
This exhibition featured the work of 9 artists of the WPVA group, including Suzi McArdle, Nancy Chakrin, Linda Passon-McNally, Dorothy Childers, Sylvia Horwitz, Martha Driessen, Lester Hughes-Seamans, Janet Coleman, and Barbara Slater.

Kids Do Art!
February 8 to March 1, 2014
This year’s exhibition of art work by local students featured 450 works by students at 13 area schools and featured work by Kindergartners through High School Seniors.

First Show
January 4 to February 1, 2014
The First Show highlights the work by the first place category winners of the 2012 Annual Member Show, and featured Paul Boecher, Catherine Vesley, Tom Godfrey, Sylvia Carsen, Susan VanGeest, and Dick Byersdorfer.


Children’s Book Illustrators Guild exhibited work by their member artists from November 9 to December 21. The show encompassed work by 15 member artists and also displayed children’s books illustrated by the artists. A story time was held during the run of the exhibition and was a great way for the community to interact with the CBIG members.

Annual Member Show, which featured 111 works of art by 49 artists, was on view October 5 to November 2. The exhibition was juried by Rachel Flentje Daly, a former director of Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts, and the current Visual Arts Coordinator for the Bloomington Art Center. The show featured a closing day juror talk that was well attended and appreciated by the artists involved in the show.

JKM= Josie Winship+Krista Kelly Walsh+Mary Esch, on view August 17 through September 28, was a show featuring the solo work of these three established artists, and also premiered the collaborative work that all three artists created together.

Brandon Kuehn and Molly Yergens presented Mythical Geographies: Referencing Landscape through Painting and Sculpture. This exhibition ran June 29 to August 3 and transformed the space into a wonderful environment of color and unique landscape.

Artists del Norte held their annual member show at Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts from May 25 to June 22. The show, juried by Jan Johansen, has an Asian theme and featured 19 artists of various mediums.

Karmaic (dis) Continuities: New Works by Pritika Chowdhry featured three large scale installation works by this artist. The show ran April 13 to May 18 and drew an engaged and curious public.

Soul RevivalPaintings by Ashley Dull and Julian Coffman, poetry scrolls by Wendy Brown-Baez and Athena Kildegaard, and sacred dance by Amy Sabrina. The show and accompanying programming was held March 9 to April 6, 2013. The additional workshops were well attended and took place on three Saturdays during the exhibition. A poetry reading by Athena Kildegaard and Wendy Brown Baez was also held as part of the exhibition.

Kids Do Art, with 512 works of art made by local K-12 students, was held February 9 to March 2, with two separate exhibition receptions held to accommodate the large number of students and their families.

First Show, highlighting work by the first place category winners of the 2011 Annual Member Show, featured Paul Boecher, Helen Hartley, Charles Martin, Jan Schmidt, and Sharon Howell. The exhibition was on view January 4 to February 2.