WARM Small Works Exhibition

WARM Small Works will be on view  May 17 to June 14, 2014 at the Banfill-Locke galleries.

The Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota (WARM), an organization established in 1973, celebrates female visual artists through exhibitions, a two-year mentorship program, regular gatherings and events, an online registry of member artists, and networking programs. While the organization has over two hundred active members, the exhibition at BLCA will feature 135 small works of art by eighty-one of their member artists. All WARM members were invited to exhibit work in this exhibition.

The small works in this show explore both cosmically large and small, ephemeral ideas using a wide range of media. Materials for expression include felted wool with beading, polymer clay, digital painting, cut paper, fiber, encaustic, woodcut, paint, pen and ink, fabric and more. The diversity of perspectives, freewheeling imagination and range of media bring light and color to this exhibit of contemporary art.

Opening Reception:  Tuesday, May 20 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm
WARM Conversation event and closing reception: 12 to 2 pm on Saturday, June 14.  A panel of exhibiting WARM artists will discuss their life and work as artists, providing insight into the processes and aims of the artist as feminist. This event is free and open to the public.

Artwork pictured above is, from left, In the Night Garden, a papercut by Andrea Martin, Kristi Kuder‘s stainless steel and wire mesh sculpture titled Fusion, and Black Water Nymph, a polymer clay sculpture by Patricia Black.

Participating artists include: Aneesa Adams, Jodie Ahern, Marjorie Alexander, Nina Allen, Tina Anderson, Beth Andrews, Jane Bassuk, Linda Ricklefs Baudry, Cheryl Walsh Bellville, Patricia Black, Anne Black-Sinak, Elizabeth Blair, Barbara Bridges, Linda Brobeck, Patricia Bronstein, Colleen Cosgrove, Linda Croteau, Justine Di Fiore, Gail Diez, Beth Dorsey, Janelle Doyle, Rebecca Dudley, Judy Fawcett, Marjorie Fedyszyn, Susan Frame, Susan Gainen, Ann Gallick, Susan Gilbert, Cris Godoy-Franchevich, Norma Hanlon, Susan Hensel, Dakota Hoska, Susan Huhn-Bowles, Danielle Jambois Edstrom, Madeline Kamp, Fern Keniston, Anne Kleinhenz, Joan Kloiber, Barbara Kobe, Emily Gray Koehler, Susan Kosharek, Anne Kramer, Therese Krupp, Kristi Kuder, Candy Kuehn, Linda Deg Lee, Brenda Litman, Chris Madsen, Andrea Martin, Doroth Mayer, Kristin McCullough, Layl McDill, Vanessa Merry, Susan Mikutowski, Stephanie Morris, Marcy Nelson-Garrison, , Patricia O’Brien, Laurel O’Gorman, Alis Olsen, Deborah Padgett, Sandi Pillsbury, Claudia Poser, Teri Power, Terra Rathai, Patricia Reinert, Roxanne Richards, Karen Searle, Linda Seebauer Hansen, Joan Seifert, Ann Sisel, Linda Snouffer, Marcia Soderman, Debroah Splain, Cynthia Starkweather-Nelson, Nel Stephens, Linda Taylor, Amy Tillotson, Debra Trejo, Bonita Van Moorlehem, Deborah Vander eyk, Jantje Visscher, Gail Wallinga, Linda Webster, Kate Wolfe-Jenson, Peggy Wright