untitled | unnamed exhibition

Work by Cathy Durso and Adam McCauley.

Inspired by circular and cyclical ideas of all kinds, from the micro (cells, seeds, grains of sand) to the macro (planets, stars, galaxies) to the intangible (the circle of life, the cycle of the seasons, the rhythm of a beating heart), Cathy Durso explores representing many things in nature and in human society. How they are universal symbols of unity and inclusiveness to movement, time, and potential. It all speaks to the concept of interconnection between all things, and to the idea that a circle can be one individual object and a whole universe containing everything that exists, both at the same time.

With Adam McCauley’s work, at some time, there is always something unexpected – something unplanned. There is a want for complexity but also the want to be effortless, a want of confusion as to what is foreground and what is background, what is content and what is not. He wants paintings that are about paint and he wants to make art about the materials he uses – everything else has been dropped – erased from the equation.

On view through June 16.

Reception May 19 from 4 – 7 pm. An artist talk will occur during the reception.

The reception was made possible with the support of your local HyVee Store of Brooklyn Park.