Back to the Farm

Back to the Farm,  new works by Patty Voje.

This exhibition presents intriguing portraits of farm animals through dynamic brush strokes and an illuminating sense of light. You might even have a sense that you have met this cow before. A whimsical nod to a time when the Banfill-Locke building served as a dairy farm.

Back to the Farm is on view June 23 – July21, 2018.

An artist talk will be held Saturday, June 23 at 4 pm, opening reception to follow.

About the Artists:

Patty Voje grew up on a small farm where she had the good fortune to spend her youth surrounded by rolling hills, farm animals, and woodlands. Now she finds herself a city dweller that spends her spare time driving through the countryside to search for the open land of her youth—scenes that are getting harder and harder to catch a glimpse of, which may be why they figure prominently in her art. Patty takes any opportunity she can to immerse herself in nature painting. She’s traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and enjoy capturing scenes in national parks, small towns, and open land. Opportunities to paint new terrain and subject matter is her main incentive to travel.

Patty is also intrigued with small-town life and enjoy painting scenes of shops, streets, and neighborhoods. She paints in the alla prima style. Patty claims to not be the most patient person and is easily bored with detail. She prefers a painterly approach: large brushes loaded with paint that is sloppily yet thoughtfully laid down. And therein lies the challenge of painting and why she is driven to paint in the first place. “The fun part is trying to capture the humor on a cow’s face or the sense of the day in as few brush strokes as possible,” said Patty.