BLCA’S State Fair Ribbon Winner

BLCA was pleased to honor Jonathan Aller with the BLCA prize and ribbon for his painting, La Mirada.

Here is what Jonathan has to say about his work:

La Mirada is a painting influenced by the traditional 19th-century portrait. The portrait is of a friend name Frankie, they’re from Columbia and have lived in the United States for a couple years now. Through our conversations, I learned a lot about them, how they viewed their mother as a hero figure and how the music of David Bowie is a major influence in their life. This painting is coming into terms on who they are as they’re giving the viewer a slight look as if they should understand this. The corkboard holds clues into their identity, at first it can be mistaken for shapes, but a closer look one can start piecing things together that were not so obvious.

Jonathan Aller received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Ringling College of Art and Design, and his Masters of Fine Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Has trained in Florence, Italy at the Angel Academy of Art learning the techniques of the Masters in drawing and painting. Exhibited Internationally at Berkely Square in London, England and currently nationally at a traveling show, XL Catlin Art Competition, from San Francisco Art Institute, to Chicago, and New York Academy of Art. Has won first place at the Emerging Artist, Delusional Art Competition part of Jonathan LeVine Gallery sponsored by Liquitex Art supplies. Currently an Adjunct Instructor in the Fine Arts Department at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.