Indefinite Equilibrium

Indefinite Equilibrium work by Doroth Mayer and Lisa Truax

September 1 – 29

Conflict and conversation between the untouched and human-influenced aspects of our environments are at the heart of Doroth Mayer and Lisa Truax’s works. Each artist uses her own medium to challenge viewers’ preconceptions of nature as purely wild. Truax explores this tension in part through integrating a mix of natural materials and man-made refuse with her traditional ceramics, while Mayer expresses a similar interplay through her creative process— using new technology like Photoshop and a 19th-century photo process to create prints on naturally dyed fabrics. This joint exhibit evokes a reflection on our own interactions with the “wild” spaces we encounter, and the traces and alterations we leave in our wake.

An Artist Reception will be held on Saturday, September 15, from 4 – 7 pm.