Within from Without

Within from Without, features works by Mieko Yamazaki and Jack Mader. This new exhibition opens Saturday, November 3 and is on view through December 1.

A reception will be held for the artist Saturday, November 3 from 5 to 8 pm.

An Artist Talk will be held on November 10 beginning at 2 pm. Arrive early, seating is limited.


About the Exhibit:

Within from Without is an ongoing collaboration between abstract oil painter Mieko Yamazaki and photographer Jack Mader. They have known each other for nearly ten years and are resident artists at Homewood Studios in North Minneapolis. Their collaboration grew from meetings, conversations and mutual appreciation of each other’s work. The title for the collaboration Within from Without was derived from those discussions and conversations about their respective art and mediums.

Mieko, being an abstract painter, experiences and previsualizes her imagery from within and through her unique painting technique brings that vision to fruition. Jack, being a photographer, is stimulated from without, and brings the outside world back into himself to create his work.

Each has a different experience and expresses that experience in a different way by tapping into their creative reservoirs stimulated by nature, music, movement, sound, surfaces, feelings and the senses, sinking into heart and mind. Words dilute the experience narrowing things down and diminishing possibility.

At the core of this collaboration is an exploration on the nature of creativity and the roots of inspiration.