an artist life: inside and out

An artist life: inside and out is an exhibition featuring the paintings of Christopher Palbicki and Stephanie Frey. The exhibition is on view through May 18 Tuesday – Saturday 10 am to 4 pm.

The next Art House Party will be held on May the 4th from 5 to 8 pm to celebrate the exhibition. Feel free to attend as your favorite Star Wars character.

Inspired by Carl Jung’s quote, “Whatever you’re resistant to, follow it,” Palbicki’s work is a provocative exploration of complex social and psychological themes where I invite viewers to brave the unknown and examine what lurks beneath the surface, both figuratively and literally. He offers a vision of humanity’s inherent connection to one another and to the natural world that straddles the domain between fantasy and fact. A mixture of rich colors, minute detail, and environmental focus result in acrylic paintings that are both a demand for immediate action and a solemn elegy over what has been lost. These foreboding scenes loom in the background of our collective consciousness as visual expressions representing humanity’s deepest, darkest, and most repressed anxieties. The ultimate goal of his art is to offer thoughtful commentary on the seemingly limitless follies of humankind: equal parts amusing and tragic, personal and planetary

For Fey, this collection of drawings and paintings aim to represent the artist’s immediate and past life by calling attention to the small moments in a day. These seemingly ordinary but fragmented drawings are little scenes placed together to create a loose narrative. The viewer organizes, rearranges and deciphers the story. The stream of moments is interpreted as something more and complex. The small intimate gouache paintings consider how past choices and development influence and change the present. Consider this: What is your living history?

About the Artists

Born and raised in Southern California, Christopher Palbicki worked as a TV producer, writer, and field director in Los Angeles, Boston, and New York City for over 15 years before moving to the Twin Cities with his wife in the summer of 2011. Christopher holds a B.A. from UCLA in History with an emphasis in ancient cultures, an M.A. from Emerson College in TV/Film Production, and briefly studied painting/illustration at The School Of Visual Arts in NYC in 2009/10.

Stephanie Frey is an artist based in Minnesota. She received her BFA from the College of Visual Arts and is currently working as an elementary art teacher and freelance illustrator. Select clients and artwork included in Design Mom, Cordella Magazine, Illozine, Graze Magazine, Murphy Square Quarterly, and others. Many of her images highlight an urban landscape through the ordinary moments of her day-to-day life.