Writer in Residence Program


Sarah Ratermann Beahan is a writer, facilitator and coach. She originally hails from rural mid-Missouri, but recently relocated to the Twin Cities from Seattle, Washington after six months of driving across the country in search of a community. She holds an MFA in fiction writing from Goddard College, a MS in rural sociology from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a BA in creative writing from Webster University. Her eclectic career has included positions selling craft beer, coordinating social media marketing for a real estate firm, writing an entertainment blog, teaching radio playwriting to fifth graders and managing programs for a youth development nonprofit serving low income high school students. Sarah’s writing is a study of moments. The stories she is most interested in telling often occur in a split second and the implications and repercussions are the meat of her tales. Sarah has completed one novel and is now tackling her second, as well as working on a collection of essays about the quest to be an independent woman in today’s society. She continues to freelance for arts and culture for regional publications, facilitate writing and creativity workshops and provide one on one coaching.